How Beefree closed $100k in incremental ARR and cut sales cycles by 33% with Toplyne

Discover how the email creation platform uses Toplyne to close more enterprise revenue
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The email creation platform Beefree uses Toplyne's AI models, trained on their first-party data, to increase GTM efficiency and close more revenue. In their first year of using Toplyne, Beefree closed over $100k in enterprise deals through sales while cutting their sales cycle length by 33%.

About Beefree

Beefree offers intuitive design tools that enable businesses to craft beautiful, high-performing emails compatible with any marketing platform. Its no-code builders are also used to design landing pages, pop-ups, and other digital assets. With millions of monthly users, Beefree is used in over 220 countries. Its design tools are available online at and seamlessly embedded in 600+ SaaS applications through the Beefree SDK.

Alec Levandoski is the Sales Enablement Manager at Beefree, overseeing the operations and enablement of their sales teams. Alec works closely with his Marketing and Growth counterparts to build the pipeline for Beefree’s sales teams.

Alec’s North Star metric is closed revenue.

Go-to-market challenges

Beefree is free to get started—no surprises there. As the platform scaled to millions of monthly users and 15k+ new sign-ups each month, finding customers likely to convert has increasingly become like finding a needle in a haystack for Alec and his team.

In late 2022, as Beefree integrated Toplyne into their GTM stack, they aimed to address four key challenges:

  1. Sensing upgrade intent - The Sales, Marketing, and Growth teams needed a way to detect upgrade potential and intent among their massive user base and to react proactively.
  2. Bringing AI on board - At Beefree’s scale, identifying upgrade intent represented a predictive AI challenge. Building AI models in-house would require significant time and resources.
  3. Unified customer view - Product usage is tracked in Pendo, while the sales teams operate out of HubSpot. Beefree needed a method to unify their customer data and present it a single view.
  4. Enrichment - Along with user behavior, Beefree sought to integrate company and contact enrichment into their unified customer view.

Use cases

In late 2022, Beefree brought Toplyne on board to address their GTM challenges. Within the first few weeks, Toplyne stitched data across who Beefree users are (through Toplyne’s enrichment service), what they’re doing on the product (from Pendo), and all sales touches (from HubSpot) into one unified view.

Throughout 2023, Beefree deployed three Toplyne agents across their GTM teams:

  1. Agent 1: Product-led growth pipeline - Used by Beefree’s Head of Growth, this Toplyne agent surfaces marketing content and custom in-app messages to convert share value propositions with non-paying customers to have them convert into paying customers on their own. 
  2. Agent 2: Sales-assisted pipeline - Alec’s team uses this agent to identify high-intent users who have shown a propensity to convert in the future, but are currently on free or lower-tier pricing plans.
  3. Agent 3: Reduce churn - Beefree’s CS team uses this agent to flag Enterprise accounts that show early indicators of churn so they can proactively prevent it.


In their first year of using Toplyne, Alec and the rest of the Bee team saw the following results:

  1. Pipeline generated - Double the amount of enterprise deals as before
  2. Sales cycle - Reduced their sales cycle from 45 days to 30 days
  3. Revenue closed - $100k closed in deals due to Toplyne
“We were operating at a 45-day average sales cycle. And with Toplyne, we’re under a month now, which is exciting. We also ended up closing around a hundred thousand dollars in Toplyne generated through the sales team.” - Alec


As Beefree scales its GTM, Alec is excited about using additional use cases with Toplyne to fuel growth. With pipeline creation for sales, self-serve conversions, and churn prevention already automated, Alec plans to experiment with leveraging Toplyne’s historical first-party data to identify new industries to target and build a sales pipeline for those sectors.