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Product-Qualified Leads, Behavioral lead-scoring


Product-qualified pipeline, sent to where your sales teams already operate out of - good 'ol Hubspot.

Toplyne 🤝🏻 HubSpot

Hubspot requires very little introduction, but in case you found yourself asking the question “Wait, what does Hubspot do anyway?” halfway through this page scroll, we’ll save you the trouble. 

HubSpot is an all-in-one inbound marketing, sales, and customer service platform that helps businesses grow by attracting, engaging, and delighting customers. With a suite of tools for content creation, email marketing, CRM, automation, analytics, and more, HubSpot streamlines and optimizes customer interactions.

And with Toplyne’s behavioral AI plugged into your HubSpot, your revenue teams can access product-qualified conversion and expansion pipelines from within Hubspot.

What you can do with Toplyne integrated into HubSpot?

Toplyne’s behavioral AI plugs into your product analytics tools on one end (find all Toplyne inward integrations here) and continuously qualifies your users based on: 

1) First-party product usage

2) Reverse integrated data from your CRM 

3) Billing, and 

4) Third-party enrichment data

These qualified users are then synced into HubSpot on the other end where your sales and marketing teams will start seeing qualified pipeline for your conversion and expansion motions.

You can now:

i) Surface enterprise pipeline for your sales teams within HubSpot CRM

ii) Tag accounts primed for expansion for AM and Sales teams in Hubspot

iii) Put your open-rates and meetings booked rate on steroids - trigger targeted hyperpersonalized sequences through HubSpot

A 1-2 punch of Toplyne and HubSpot ensures that your highest intent leads - users most likely to convert to paid plans and teams most likely to expand, based on their activity within your product, are routed to your HubSpot, where your sales teams can now close them at upto a 1.8x higher win rate.

How to integrate Toplyne with HubSpot