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Use cases
Product-Qualified Leads, Lead-scoring


Qualify your users with Toplyne based on product usage data and route them to LeadSquared, where your sales teams can now close at upto a 1.8x higher win rate.

Do more with LeadSquared

Toplyne’s headless sales AI plugs into your product-analytics tools on one end (find all Toplyne inward integrations here) and continuously qualifies your users based on their behavior within your product, their demographics, company firmographics, and billing data. 

These users are then synced into LeadSquared on the other end where your sales teams will start seeing qualified pipeline for your conversion and expansion motions.

How to set up the integration

Follow the detailed documentation listed here to integrate your product-analytics.

After both integrations are live, your list of users and accounts will now be visible on your Toplyne dashboard. You’re ready to roll.

How to set up LeadSquared as a destination

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