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Unlimited Leave Policy

Objective -

At Toplyne, we truly believe in work-life integration! We understand the importance of taking a break, switching off to address personal priorities, and/or the need to re-energize yourself. We need you excited and empowered - so that you continue the quest for creative solutions to the unique challenges that come your way at Toplyne every day.
We at Toplyne have a straightforward leave policy that caters to every employee’s requirements while taking care of work-related priorities and commitments. This document defines some of the basic information pertaining to the processes followed around leave approval, types of leave, and a few FAQs that you might have.
Notice Period (applicable for all planned leaves)For a leave request of < 3 days, this could be notified with a 2-day notice to be given to managers; 3 - 7 days, 1 week in advance notice; > 1 week, 2 weeks advance notice to be given.

Types Of Leave -

Annual Leave
Taking time off to vacation at the beach, celebrate festivities and special occasions with loved ones or attending a music concert, these are your go-to leaves.

  • How many days can I take? - We do not have a cap! Yes, you heard that right. We believe that there should not be a constraint when you have to spend time with your loved ones or make that decision to skip a close friends wedding just so that you can take a long weekend with the family later. Well, go ahead and do both! Our value system is built on Trust, and we believe that as long you think you deserve the time off, and your work is taken care, you have every right to go ahead and plan your leaves.
  • When should I apply for the leave? Since we follow an Unlimited leave policy, it is important to account the fact that work continuity is not hampered. Hence, we have come with rough timelines so that one can plan accordingly.
  • For a leave request of < 3 days, this could be notified with a 2 day notice to be given to managers ;3 days to 1 week, 1 week in advance notice to be given to managers ; > 1 week, 2 weeks advance notice to be given to managers.

Medical Leave
Health takes precedence over everything else. Whether it is a case of viral flu or an unexpected medical emergency, leaves should be the last thing on your mind in such cases. Our focus would be to make that period as smooth as we can, so that you take the time off and have a speedy recovery.

  • How many days can I take? Again, we do not have an upper cap. However, we really hope that you do not come in a position to take leaves from this bucket. But, as we mentioned, if there comes a case, where you need to take time off for any medical reason, you will have our full support and will be granted as many leaves as you need till your full recovery.
  • When should I apply for the leave? For ad hoc/emergency medical situations, one can keep the manager and HR informed about their situation and the time they may need. However, for planned medical procedures, at-least a week prior intimation should be provided to the respective manager/HR. Lastly, for any medical leave that crosses 14 days, a medical certificate/appropriate medical documents would be required to approve the absence.

Maternity Leave
Congratulations! We’re excited for your new phase in life. Take ample time off to ease yourself into this exciting new role.

  • How many days can I take? You will be eligible for 6 months of paid maternity leave and can take it as per your ease during the pre-birth/post-birth period.
  • When should I apply for the leave? Since this time off would require a handful of work transfer, we expect a 4 week notice so that we can make the transition smooth.

Paternity Leave
Becoming a father is a great feeling and is a time for much-needed bonding. Your partner needs your help and your child is seeing new faces as he or she opens their eyes for the first time, you would want to be one of those faces.

  • How many days can I take? Parenthood is not just the phase during the pre-birth journey but also the new phase and routine post-birth. We are happy to provide you a 4 week leave which can be used within 8 months of the child’s birth. You can either choose to take it all at once or split it as per your convenience.
  • When should I apply for the leave? We would require at-least a 3 week heads-up before you plan on these leaves.

Bereavement Leave
Bereavement leave is time off provided specifically for employee’s who experience the loss of a loved one, such as a spouse, child or other family one. This leave allows you the time to mourn and arrange/attend arrangements such as memorial services, funerals and other related events.

  • How many days can I take? Incase of any such unfortunate event, we understand the time you need to adapt to this change, and one can take up to 21 paid leaves during this period.
  • When should I apply for the leave? We would not need a formal leave request from you during such times. The employee can keep his/her immediate manager posted about his absence and coordinate accordingly.

Mandatory Leave
We know that you love working at Toplyne (well, we all do 🙂) but that does not mean you give all your time to us. It is important to take time off and do things outside of work or just take a break and get some rest. Keeping this in mind we have implemented a minimum 12 day leave policy in a calendar year, where anyone who hasn't taken any leave in a quarter (does not count the non wellness/sickness related leaves), will be forced to apply for a few leaves and the manager will be held responsible in such cases.


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