How Hour One uses Toplyne to increase conversion rates by 1.7x

Discover how the GenAI tool uses targeted discounts to drive self-serve conversions
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After implementing Toplyne in their go-to-market stack, Hour One saw their free-to-paid conversion rate go up by 1.7x. Over a seven month period from May 2023 to Jan 2024, Toplyne powered nudges resulted in Hour One doubling their ARR from self-serve conversions.

About - Hour One

Founded in 2019, Hour One powers the creation of high-quality digital avatars based on real people. Hour One is loved by both solo creators and businesses alike powering a plethora of use cases ranging from learning & development, sales and marketing, customer success, to IT, eCommerce and more. For businesses, the upshot is generation of production-grade video-based characters and video footage to the point of infinite scale, while being cost-effective.

Today, Hour One is used and trusted by leading enterprise companies like Intuit, AstraZeneca, T-Mobile, and HP. CEO Oren Aharon says their vision is “...that Hour One will drive the use of AI avatars to improve the quality of communication between businesses and people across markets and use cases.”

Hour One + Toplyne

Hour One is free to get started, with three tiered paid plans on offer for individuals, small teams, and large businesses. As the company grew 30x in top of the funnel sign-ups over 2023, they looked for a way to run targeted sales and marketing workflows to convert, retain, and expand their users.

Hour One brought Toplyne onboard with two primary goals:

  • To increase their conversion rates on free users to paid plans, and
  • To increase retention and cashflow upfront by driving movement to paid annual plans.

Meet - Kobi Kotlyarov

Kobi is the head of Business Intelligence at Hour One. Kobi owns all Product-Led Growth workflows at Hour One - from website conversions to user journeys & experience within the product all the way to conversions across all business and enterprise plans. As Hour One picked up steam and raced to become a market leader in the AI Video Generation space, Kobi’s focus narrowed to become more revenue-focused.

He was now seeing his top of the funnel grow month over month.

It was time to focus on revenue at the bottom of the funnel.

Life before - Toplyne

Once volumes hit massive scale in the generative boom, Kobi needed a way to nudge free users to paid plans. He first looked to implement Internal scoring using behavior & firmographics based filters. This heuristic-based PQL scoring helped the team target ~100 users a day with an in-app nudge using AppCues.

Conversion rates here showed a modest improvement.

He knew he could do better. He looked to the market for options. Between MadKudu and Toplyne, Kobi decided to go with Toplyne.

“We spoke with MadKudu. First of all, Toplyne’s approach was amazing. We don’t feel like we’re just another company that purchased something from Toplyne. We feel like we ARE the company. The approach is amazing.“

Hour One’s Stack

Hour One tracks product usage data on Segment, with HubSpot as the CRM. They use AppCues for triggering in-app discount codes and other nudges.

Toplyne integrated across Hour One’s stack - pulling data from HubSpot and Segment, with outward integrations to AppCues, Hubspot, and back into Segment.

Toplyne’s lead & account scoring models were now learning (live) based on user data pulled in from Segment and HubSpot. As the nudges went live, Hour One worked closely with Toplyne’s customer success team to monitor performance and results.

Zohar Reshef Gur, Product Marketing Automation Lead at Hour One chips in on their experience with Toplyne’s customer success team:

Life after - Toplyne

Kobi set up two AI models within Toplyne to begin with.

  • Free to any paid - To send targeted in-app nudges for targeted discounts to users most likely to move to any paid plan from Hour One’s free plan. 
  • Paid to business - In-app nudges to users on the personal paid plan most likely to move to the higher tier business plan.

Today, Kobi is running four AI powered playbooks through Toplyne. Besides the two he started with, Hour One uses Toplyne to:

  • Identify enterprise conversions -  domains on a free/Personal/Business plans who are likely to move to an Enterprise plan
  • Score MQLs - Identify users who are likely to “book a meeting” on the website

Impact of Toplyne

After implementing Toplyne, Kobi saw his free-to-paid conversion rate go up by 1.7x. Over an eight month period from May 2023 to Jan 2024, Toplyne powered nudges resulted in conversions amounting to a 2x lift in revenue from self-serve conversions.