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Surface conversion and expansion pipeline with Toplyne’s behavioral AI plugged into your Amplitude and route it to your revenue stack, where your sales teams can now convert and close them.

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Toplyne’s behavioral AI plugs into your Amplitude on one end and continuously qualifies your users based on their behavior within your product, their demographics, company firmographics, billing data, CRM data, and third-party enrichment.

You can then sync these leads directly into your revenue stack where your sales teams (or marketing - whatever floats your GTM boat) will start seeing qualified pipeline for your conversion and expansion motions.

A 1-2 punch of Toplyne and Amplitude ensures that your highest intent leads - users most likely to convert to paid plans and teams most likely to expand, based on their activity within your product, are routed to your sales teams, who can now close them at upto a 1.8x higher win rate.

How to integrate Toplyne with Amplitude

Integrate Toplyne as a destination from your Amplitude by following the documentation listed here.

After the Amplitude integration is live, all your users and accounts will now be visible on your Toplyne dashboard. You’re ready to roll.

Start integrating GTM destinations to pipe your qualified pipeline into. Find all GTM destinations here.

Take a tour of the Toplyne dashboard with your Amplitude plugged in: