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Introducing the future of lead scoring: Toplyne partners with Heap for a richer understanding of your enterprise pipeline.

What you can do with Toplyne integrated with Heap:

The integration of Toplyne and Heap revolutionizes lead engagement and lead scoring. Harnessing Toplyne's behavioral lead-scoring platform with Heap's advanced analytics ensures a potent combination. Here's what awaits you with this dynamic integration:

Deep-Dive into Lead Behaviors: By integrating Heap's user-centric analytics, which captures every interaction without any extra code, into Toplyne’s first-party product usage, CRM, billing, and enrichment data, you gain an unparalleled understanding of your leads and their journey.

Tailored Outreach: The Sales view in Toplyne’s Chrome Extension is enriched with insights from Heap, allowing AEs and SDRs to have detailed information about user actions. Now, personalizing outreach becomes a breeze as you reference specific interactions a lead had, ensuring more meaningful conversations.

Operational Excellence: Ops teams are in for a treat as they can channel the right leads into CRMs with amplified precision. Heap's event-driven insights, combined with Toplyne's behavioral data, create a perfect harmony for optimizing lead targeting, ensuring maximum conversions.

Skyrocketed Outcomes: Watch as your meetings booked rates, SQO creation rates, reply rates, and other crucial metrics take flight. With the power of detailed user analytics from Heap and the lead scoring expertise of Toplyne, your sales teams can now hit quota every single time.

How to set up the integration:

Already benefiting from Heap's insights in your arsenal? It's time to elevate your lead-scoring game! Through a simple integration, you will be able to send your Heap data into Toplyne to enable you to identify free users that are likely to pay you and help you expand your current paying users. Follow our step-by-step integration guide to find the needle in your haystack!

1. Confirm Requirements

You will require a Heap account with the Heap Connect feature activatedto connect your Heap with Snowflake.

You can learn more about requesting this feature here.

Don’t know if you have Heap Connect?

  • If your screen when you click on Integrations in Heap looks like this, then you don’t have Heap Connect or have never used it before. You can learn more about activating it here.

If you already have Heap Connect, you can share the data with the Toplyne warehouse.

  • If you already are using Heap currently connect to send data into a warehouse such as Bigquery, S3 or Snowflake, we'd strongly recommend setting up shares into Toplyne via those warehouses directly instead of purchasing an additional Heap Connect.

2. Navigate to the Integrations section

Login to Heap and navigate to the Integrations section from the Home page.

3. Add a Snowflake connection to your integration list

Search for Snowflake in the list of available integrations. Click on the selection to show the Snowflake connection popup.

4. Setting up the Snowflake integration

In the hostname section of the popup, insert the following text :


Then click Save and Connect.

5. Select the tables you wish to share

You can choose to drop tables you don't wish to share by switching off the toggle.

6. Choose your sync time

From the Snowflake connector settings, choose a convenient time to share the data with Toplyne. We encourage you to choose one so that the next scheduled sync is at the earliest.

And you are done!

Connect Toplyne with Heap today and witness a transformation in your sales and outreach strategy. Experience the synergy of deep analytics and advanced behavioral lead scoring.