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Lead Segmentation and Prioritization, Behavioral Email Triggers


Combine Toplyne's behavioral lead signals with Outreach's sales automation for better open and reply rates.

What you can do with Toplyne integrated with Outreach:

  • Dynamic Sales Sequences: Inject Toplyne's behavioral lead data into Outreach sequences to adapt content, timing, and frequency based on each lead's engagement level and interaction history.
  • Lead Segmentation: Automatically segment and categorize leads in Outreach using Toplyne's scores. Focus efforts on high-potential prospects while nurturing others based on their unique behaviors.
  • Enhanced Prospect Profiling: Enrich Outreach contact profiles with Toplyne's insights, giving sales reps a holistic view of each lead's journey, preferences, and potential pain points.
  • Optimized Email Templates: Refine Outreach email templates based on Toplyne's data, tailoring messages to resonate better with different lead segments, thereby improving open and conversion rates.

How to set up this integration:

Through a simple integration, you can use Toplyne segmentation to target potential users better using sequences on Outreach for your sales reps to convert promising leads. Follow our step-by-step integration guide to get started!

Step - 1: Select ‘Integrations’ from the left pane.

Step - 2: Search for ‘Outreach’ and select it from the list of destinations.

Step - 3: Name your integration and click on ‘Configure’.

Step - 4: Authorize the integration.

Step - 5: Click Next and then Finish to complete the integration

Using Outreach as a destination

Step - 1: Select the destination you created on the sync page.

When you’re in the sync stage of creating a new playbook, select Outreach and choose the integration you set up.

Step - 2: Choose the object you wish to update on Outreach

Currently, you can update your Prospects on Outreach.

Step - 3: Map a Toplyne user identifier

Email ID is mandatory to update contacts on Outreach. You must map the corresponding Email ID field (from your product analytics source) to Outreach's email identifier (pre-filled).

Step - 4: Choose the fields you wish to update on Outreach

Update tags

If you wish to update a prospect's tags, you can choose the fields you wish to update on the left (Toplyne Field) with Tag 1, Tag 2, etc, on the right (Outreach Field).

Note that tags are added incrementally and are not overwritten. For example, if you send a custom value named 'Toplyne Lead' and their persona, the prospect would have two associated tags.

Update custom fields

Typically, our customers update fields such as the signup source, conversion score, or Toplyne lead status.

Note that Outreach, by default, names their fields 'Custom1', 'Custom2' etc. These values will overwrite the existing value, if any.

Step - 3: Finish creating the pipeline!

In the last step, name your pipeline and the start date. Then click on ‘Finish Setup'.

Step - 4: Creating sequences on Outreach

Once the playbook completes, navigate to Outreach's Prospects section. Click on Add filter to filter users based on the fields or tags you just updated through the playbook.

Then select these users and click on the Sequence button to enroll these users into your sequence!

And that's how you can target your product qualified leads from Toplyne on Outreach!

Boost your sales strategy with actionable insights. Connect Toplyne to Outreach today