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Merge behavioral lead scoring with event analytics excellence: Toplyne collaborates with PostHog for an enhanced enterprise pipeline view!

What you can do with Toplyne integrated with PostHog:

When Toplyne's detailed behavioral lead scoring meets PostHog's open-source event analytics, businesses gain an unparalleled advantage. Delve deeper into the customer journey and supercharge your sales funnel with this integration:

Comprehensive Lead Analytics: Integrate PostHog's event tracking with Toplyne’s product usage, CRM, billing, and enrichment data. Get a 360-degree view of your leads, pinpointing each touchpoint and interaction.

Precision-Personalized Outreach: The Sales view of Toplyne’s Chrome Extension becomes a powerhouse with insights from PostHog. AEs and SDRs can tap into specific user events, making every outreach more relevant, informed, and impactful.

Optimized Operations: For the Ops teams, aligning the right leads into CRMs becomes even more streamlined. With PostHog's granular event data coupled with Toplyne's behavioral indicators, target the leads that truly matter, ensuring optimal lead conversion rates.

Enhanced Sales Outcomes: Boost your meetings booked rates, SQO creation rates, and reply rates by leveraging the dual insights of PostHog and Toplyne. Equip your sales strategies with nuanced analytics, ensuring your targets are consistently met and exceeded.

How to set up this integration:

Are you leveraging the power of PostHog's event analytics? Take your lead scoring to the next level.


PostHog has an API available on all tiers of PostHog cloud pricing, including the free tier, and for every self-hosted version.

Personal API keys

Personal API keys allow full access to your account, just like e-mail address and password, but you can create any number of them, and each one can be invalidated individually at any moment. This makes for greater control for you and improved security of stored data.

How to obtain a personal API key

  • Click on your name/avatar on the top right.
  • Click the gear next to your name to access Account settings.
  • Navigate to the Personal API Keys section.
  • Click + Create a Personal API Key.
  • Give your new key a label – it's just for you, usually to describe the key's purpose.
  • Click Create Key.
  • There you go! At the top of the list, you should now see your brand-new key. Immediately copy its value, as you'll never see it again after refreshing the page. But don't worry if you forget to copy it – you can delete and create keys as much as you want.

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Integrate Toplyne with PostHog today and redefine your enterprise pipeline's potential. Dive into the convergence of lead behavior and event analytics like never before.