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Use cases
Product alerts, Intent-based triggers


With product usage data plugged in on one end, Toplyne then send triggers to Slack when your users perform key actions, acheive milestones, and exhibit other behavioral patterns.

Toplyne’s headless sales AI plugs into your product-analytics stack on one end (find all Toplyne inward integrations here) and continuously qualifies your users based on their behavior within your product, their demographics, company firmographics, and billing data. 

You can then trigger live alerts within your Slack workspace whenever cohorts of users hit key milestones and qualification criteria within your product, so your sales teams can step in to convert the right users with the right context and messaging at the right time.

What You Can Do with Toplyne Integrated with Slack:

The integration of Toplyne's behavioral AI with Slack's team collaboration platform offers businesses an innovative approach to identifying and capitalizing on sales opportunities. The combination empowers organizations in several ways:

  • Real-time Sales Notifications: The integration enables businesses to receive real-time notifications about potential sales opportunities directly in Slack channels. These alerts, powered by Toplyne's AI, help businesses respond quickly and effectively to promising leads.
  • Team Collaboration on Sales Opportunities: With this integration, team members can collaborate seamlessly on identified sales opportunities.
  • Streamlined Sales Process: Toplyne and Slack's integration simplifies the sales process by enabling swift communication and action on sales leads. The prompt sharing of information and decision-making accelerates the sales process, ensuring no opportunity is missed.

How to set up the integration

Integrate Slack as a destination and your product analytics as a source by following the documentation listed here.

After both integrations are live, your list of users and accounts will now be visible on your Toplyne dashboard. You’re ready to roll.

Step 1: Within the Monetize tab on your Toplyne dashboard, start by creating a new playbook.

Step 2: Pick who you want to target: Users or accounts.

Step 3: Pick your business goal: Do you want to focus on conversion opportunities or expansion opportunities?

Step 4: You’ll find that all your users have already been segmented into hot, cold, and warm based on their product usage, demographics, firmographics, and billing. Pick the segment you want to target.

Step 5: Apply further business context (“I want to target only users from U.S and Canada” for example”) depending on the nature of your GTM.

Step 6: Narrow down (or expand) your qualified users based on your capacity. You can hold back a percentage of your users as a control group to evaluate the efficiency of your qualification over time.

Step 7: Within GTM applications, pick Slack as a destination

Step 8: Pick a channel within Slack and other parameters to sync to.

Step 9: Select your schedule for sync, name your playbook and you’re all set

Piping hot product-qualified pipeline will start syncing to your Sales teams within Slack at the cadence you’ve set, in addition to other parameters and user identifiers you want them to see.