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Product-Qualified Leads, Behavioral lead-scoring


Toplyne and Zoho join forces, to optimize sales pipelines and self-serve funnel management.

What you can do with Toplyne integrated with Zoho:

The integration of Toplyne and Zoho marks a turning point in the way businesses approach sales operations and manage self-serve funnels. By harnessing the strengths of both platforms, companies can enhance sales processes, leading to increased efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Streamlined Sales Operations: Self-serve products often pose a challenge as they generate significant noise, making it difficult to identify genuine sales opportunities. With most self-serve businesses converting less than 1% of accounts into meaningful sales opportunities, there is ample room for improvement. The integration of Toplyne and Zoho offers a game-changing solution. By merging the capabilities of Toplyne's behavioral AI engine with Zoho's CRM system, businesses can focus efforts on valuable accounts, paving the way for better sales outcomes.
  • Improved Lead Identification: Toplyne's behavioral AI engine excels at analyzing extensive data to pinpoint promising leads. It combines your first-party data from product analytics, CRM, and billing with third-party enrichment data, offering a comprehensive view of potential sales opportunities. With the integration, these opportunities are surfaced directly within Zoho. This allows your sales and revenue teams to access this crucial information promptly, enabling them to respond quickly and effectively to high-potential leads.
  • Enhanced Conversion Rates: The Toplyne-Zoho integration goes beyond identifying potential leads; it also aims to drive conversions. By providing a more focused view of the sales pipeline, the integration enables businesses to target efforts more effectively, leading to improved conversion rates. By understanding which accounts are likely to deliver value, you can tailor your approach to engage and convert these leads more successfully.

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Get piping hot product-qualified leads in your Zoho CRM by plugging it into Toplyne. See it in action here.